USDV Stablecoin

Cross-Border Transactions. Simplified.
USDV Stablecoin

Cross-Border Transactions. Simplified.
About USDV
Vemanti believes that everyone should have access to state-of-the-art financial services, no matter your income or where you live.

To make this dream a reality, Vemanti has designed a financial ecosystem that will provide a range of financial services to the banked, underbanked, and unbanked around the world. This system will address a growing demand for financial services among underserved individuals and business, especially in developing economies like Southeast Asia.

Vemanti Financial Services Network will provide direct access to digital payments, remittances, lending, insurance, and investment to any individual or merchant with a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

At the center of the network is a proprietary stablecoin, USDV. This utility token will enable the functioning of the Vemanti financial ecosystem. The USDV is unique among stablecoins as it is designed from start to finish to be highly regulated, insured, and transparent, ensuring its longevity. Trust is built in to the USDV and thus into the entire Vemanti system.

The Vemanti Financial Services Network provides a myriad of financial services in a way that is directly and conveniently accessible and in an environment of stability and trust to anyone, anywhere wanting to build wealth.
Features & Benefits
  • Access
    Instantly issue / redeem stablecoins or trade cryptocurrencies 24/7 + 100% online access
  • Countries
    Available to any KYC verified individuals and businesses in over 150+ countries
  • FDIC
    US-based banking account with full FDIC insurance coverage of up to $130M per tax ID (cash only)
  • Multi-Currency
    Send / receive USD,
    cryptocurrencies and stablecoins to / from anyone, anywhere, anytime
  • Security
    Bank-grade security +
    data-encrypted user interface + secure cold storage for digital assets
  • Cost Efficient
    No account minimum, no monthly fee, no set-up fee, no inactivity fee
USDV is anti-inflationary by design, whilst the reasoning for using USD as collateral is two-fold. USD is one of the most regulated and used currencies globally, meaning we are constantly governed by strict US regulations and AML policies. USD is also accepted throughout multiple global markets helping us to drive adoption.
Instantly send and receive money to / from anyone, anytime, anywhere with your Borderless Account!
It’s Simple
Create your USDV online and verify your identity. Sign up for a free account here.
Easily add funds to your account via:

Wire and ACH
Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC-20, Stablecoins (USDS, TUSD*, USDC*, GUSD*, PAX*, BUSD*)
USD funds are held at FDIC-insured banks and digital assets are held in cold storage
* coming soon
Send funds to anyone in the world with Wire, ACH, Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC-20 or Stablecoins
Instantly issue or redeem stablecoins with fiat
Instantly buy or sell cryptocurrency over-the-counter with major OTC dealers on PrimeX
* coming soon GBP, EUR, JPY, HKD, CNH, CAD, AUD, SGD
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*USDV is a self-directed custodial account powered by Prime Trust, a Nevada state-chartered trust company. All asset custody, funds processing and convertible virtual currency administration services are provided by Prime Trust. Vemanti is not a licensed financial institution and Vemanti does not manage nor take custody of client funds.